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  Weifang xuridong environment project co.,ltd is a collection scientific research development, the manufacturing, the technical service in a body's high technology and new technology enterprise, all environmental protection equipment by own production, passed the ISO9001 quality control system authentication in 2009. The company has the environment consultation, the engineering design, the environmental protection equipment production, the construction instruction, services and so on installation and trial run, operation management, follow-up service, devotes in the highly effective use resources, maintenance environmental protection enterprises and so on ecological equilibrium, purification natural environment.

  The company has collected the massive professionals, has the advanced theory instruction and the rich experience。 The company and many universities and the design institute collaborates to cooperate, develops the new project unceasingly and develops the new product。 Company's core business mainly has: Produces each kind of environmental protection equipment and the matching facilities; Sanitary sewage, urban sewage government, home scrap processing; Industrial sewage processing, industrial refuse processing; Pulping papermaking waste water governments, printing waste water government, starch sewage treatment, medical service wastewater disposal, mine wastewater government and so on。

  The company has the import and export right of management, has undertaken many domestic and foreign environmental protection projects, the environmental protection product has sold to the land, as well as Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa and so on many countries and the area, set up the good enterprise image in the international market。

  Team, to promote the development of fundamental

  More than a decade, the pace of Xuridong walked sonorous along the way, rely on innovation and technological progress in the environmental protection equipment industry has its own core competitiveness, and also established an important position in the industry. A key innovation from the team pursuit and wisdom. In recent years Xuridong team building, proceed from reality, based on the different positions of the various departments, starting from the most basic team building. To train employees vocational skills, literacy and the spirit of unity and cooperation as the goal, as a means to post innovation, training, learning and effective incentives, R & D team focused on creating a strong combat effectiveness, the middle management team and the young mechanic team.In the company's production plant, one a team starting a skills than collaboration, than the quality of performance of the atmosphere is very thick, and laid the foundation for the rapid development in Xuridong.

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