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  Shandong sunrise East Machinery Co。, Ltd。 is located in the city known as the"city", Shandong province is located in the Jiaodong Peninsula, near the beautiful coastal city of Qingdao, in the world are kite the south of Weifang City, the traffic is very convenient, 120 kilometers away from Qingdao port, 90 kilometers away fromWeifang, Jinan Qingdao highway less than 50 kilometers, as long as the China in Qingdao or Weifang, you can see a lot of Zhucheng to the vehicle, the line is as follows:

  (1) if you are to China seaside tourist city of Qingdao, to Qingdao Square bus station in Qingdao - Zhucheng bus (every 30 minutes), about 3 hour ride, you can reach the Zhucheng bus station. Get off after you can call us to send someone to pick.

  (2) if you are to Chinese kite -- Weifang, then you to Weifang bus station or trainstation in Weifang -- the Zhucheng bus (every 15 minutes), about 2 hours or so,can arrive at Zhucheng.

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